Licence B

How to do the theory exam

From what age?

The minimum age to take the theoretical driving licence B exam is 17 years old.

Where to take the theory exam?

You may take the theory exam in an examination center of your choice. This center may be located in Flanders, Wallonia or the Brussels region.

If you choose a certain examination center for the theory exam, you will not be obliged to take your practical exam in the same center at a later date.

How many questions will be asked?

There are 50 multiple choice questions that you answer via a computer. To be successful, you have to reach 41 out of 50.

Each question is read clearly and appears on the computer's screen. Between the two or three possibilities that are given, you have to choose the right answer.

You take the exam at your own pace, with a maximum of 15 seconds' answer time per question. The theoretical examination takes about 30 minutes.

There are 45 questions of 1 point and 5 questions of 5 points.

A distinction is made between questions about light (45) and questions about serious traffic violations (5).

Serious traffic violations are all third degree offences (such as, for example, ignoring a red traffic light or crossing a white continuous line), and fourth degree offences (such as non-compliance with a police officer's orders) and speeding offences.

So you are allowed to make a maximum of 9 minor mistakes or a maximum of 1 serious violation and 4 minor mistakes. If you make 2 serious violations, you do not have enough points to pass.

Immediately after the examination

Immediately after the theoretical examination, you have the choice:

Read test

If you pass the theory exam (and you not yet in possession of a driving licence), you will take a (simple) reading test at the examination center.

Failure to pass the reading test will require an examination by a freely selected ophthalmologist.

You have not passed the theory exam

If you have not passed the theoretical knowledge examination, you will not be allowed to take a new theoretical knowledge examination of the same category the same day.

If you have not passed the theoretical examination twice, you will have to take a minimum of 12 hours of theoretical theory lessons in a driving school.

The practical exam

Information about the practical exam can be found here:

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